Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sustainable Games

The London Olympics could well be a trend-setter in sustainability. The 80,000 seat main stadium was constructed with less than half the steel used in comparably sized stadiums, making it the lightest Olympic Stadium to date. It includes more than a third recycled contents!
Coming to the 14 million odd meals that will be served during the Games, caterers like McDonald's are to source food to high environmental, ethical and animal welfare standards. Then there is BMW's Olympic fleet, including 200 electric vehicles and 400 bicycles. The automaker has achieved its target of ensuring the London Olympics Games' fleet does not exceed average emissions of 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer, while also pioneering the use of zero emission technologies.
The Olympic Delivery Authority plans to reduce waste in construction and demolition. More than 90 percent of demolition waste is expected to be reused or recycled and at least 90 percent of construction waste was to be diverted from landfill. And guess what, Coca-Cola has promised to turn all plastic bottles discarded at Olympic sites into 80 million new drinks bottles.

Seven years and £11 billion in the making, the London 2012 Olympic Park is yet another story in natural tales. Two million tonnes of contaminated soil have been washed, 5km of riverbanks cleaned up and 35 bridges built. Six thousand two hundred trees, 9,500 shrubs, 63,000 bulbs, 250,000 wetlands plants and 766,000 grasses and ferns have been planted. Stretching almost half a mile, the long wide strip of gardens along the existing canal are divided into four climatic zones, each reflecting the ecology and planting of the area. The plants, originally from Europe, Asia, Southern Hemisphere and North America are now part of the UK garden!

The apartments in the Athletes' Village represent the UK's first substantial housing development to be built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4… In a promise of smart technology, energy giant EDF unveiled a real-time energy monitoring system that has been deployed at some of the most high-profile venues. The public can now track energy use at the facilities online as the games take place!
The spirit counts. Let’s hope the message is taken seriously.

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